Tokyo White

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TOKYO WHITE is a premium face and body whitening soap that contains Moistuwhite™, the latest Japanese Skin Whitening Technology that was developed to meet the bihaku standards of Japanese skincare that defines beautiful skin to be fair, smooth and even. It is the product of a well-researched, highly effective combination of natural ingredients including Glutathione, Arbutin, Vitamins C, Vitamin E, and Grape Seed Extract to meet these standards that promote whitening, moisturizing, and clarifying of the skin.

Skin Perfect

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Skin Perfect believes in achieving beautiful skin through the use of non-invasive methods that are safe and effective, using the most modern techniques and technology in the field of skin care. The different facial treatments are specifically designed to address different skin types and skin conditions. We include cleansing, toning and rejuvenating stages to maintain the skin’s overall health. Other treatments are also specialized to address particular skin needs – for lightening, anti-acne, rejuvenating, anti-wrinkle and deep exfoliation. All these treatments are incorporated with a spa-care approach, keeping in mind the customers’ comfort and relaxation while their skin is being pampered.

Pure Protect

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Create a safer place with Pure Protect.


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The Masumi True Beauty Collection – the newest skincare brand that redefines true beauty in its utmost authenticity. Made of pure rose extract and infused with the finest skincare ingredients from Japan such as collagen, Yuzu Water, Shea butter, Aloe Vera, Rosehip oil and Rosemary oil to give your skin the rosy radiance look and feel.