Kakushin Skin Corporation (KSC), an international manufacturing skin care company with holdings in the Philippines, first forayed into the facial care clinic industry 18 years ago through its sister company Skin Perfect, with a determination to provide excellent skin care products and services, while enabling consumer accessibility through intelligent positioning and partnership with major mall conglomerates.

Its continuous emphasis on quality growth has resulted in a nationwide domination of the facial clinic sector, with 44 branches strategically located throughout the Philippines. Its brand, Skin Perfect, has become a market benchmark, further encouraging innovation and the exploration of international trends, which are then applied and fine-tuned to the brand’s own product line-up9 and novel skin care ventures.

With its own R&D facility and a dedicated team of chemists and applications experts, arigorous and effective product and service development are second nature to KSC. As an example, it has now expanded from day creams, toners and fragrances into developing and manufacturing its own line of beauty soaps.

The company is a staunch supporter of animal welfare and has banned animal testing and ingredients from development of and inclusion in its products.


With its proven experience and track record, KSC has maintained exemplary long-term relationships with its suppliers both local and international. It practices competitive pricing by investing in trends and in procuring bulk quantities, thus benefiting the company’s purchasing power.

Its leadership sits primarily in the mass market segment by ensuring quality, excellence and affordability in every product and treatment sold. It aims to be a “one stop shop” via its showroom display of fresh, alluring beauty products and a committed team of skin care experts.

KSC believes that success is very much a function of employee growth and satisfaction.There is a commitment to continuous training, and operational and individual evaluation to ensure efficiency and maximized performance.